5 Ways to Save Money on Your TV Bill

5 Ways to Save Money on Your TV Bill
TV Bills are one of the most annoying outgoings in any household budget. Here are a few good suggestions to help you save some of your hard earned money on your TV bill.
1) Review competitors packages – Make sure you take time to check out what competitors are offering when you sign up to a new service provider. Sometimes you can be limited on where you are located geographically. Don’t just assume cable is a great idea, some of the new on demand services through the internet are really good and can provide you with enough entertainment and movies on demand at a fraction of the monthly price.
2) Check your package for channels you don’t need – Companies love putting things onto your bill that you don’t need or don’t want. Remember, when you signed up they probably convinced you that a movie package was a great idea or perhaps that sports was the necessary. Check what you pay for, if there are any channels you don’t use you should cancel your subscription to those straight away.
3) Don’t order sports or pay per view movies – The biggest con with TV services is the concept of pay per view. Save the money, a local bar will be showing the sports event and you can wait another few weeks to grab that movie on DVD. It seems like a lame night in, however perhaps getting out of the house to watch sports or even grabbing a movie will be cheaper then watching it at home, especially if it is a new release.
4) Only use it for one device – Companies always offer you deals for multi-room entertainment. Scrap it. Have one box you use and buy a splitting device that will show whats on one screen in another room.
5) Grab a bargain when you renew – Never just renew your existing bill, all those offers you had will run out after your first term. Move to a new provider to get the best deals.

Take Advantage Of Home Entertainment – Read These 7 Tips

Regardless of how long you’ve had a subscription with your satellite or cable television provider, you probably aren’t aware of many home entertainment benefits that you could be using. Whether you enjoy watching your favorite television shows over and over again, or you want to save money on expensive movie tickets by watching from home, the following 7 tips will help you discover the full potential of your home entertainment subscription:

Free On-Demand

While most people know about it, free on demand offers a number of features and benefits that could enhance your experience. Free on-demand is offered by most cable service providers.

Saving Television Shows

All television shows are only kept in the system for a limited number of days. You can extend that time by saving them to watch at a later date. Depending on the subscription plan you have, this can be as much as one to two weeks of extra viewing time.

High Definition

Most shows come in high definition now. If you have an HD television, make sure you’re watching your favorite shows in high definition. If the high definition version isn’t available, you can watch the regular version as well.

Browse the Internet on Your Television

Fort Wayne Frontier FiOS Internet subscribers have the ability to browse the Internet using their televisions. The only requirement from you is to either turn on the wireless feature in your TV or connect the USB cord from your router in the back.

Use Video Streaming Services

At such a low cost, video streaming services are must-haves for any family. If you have a strong Internet connection, be sure to use it to your advantage by subscribing to video streaming and watching your favorite movies at home.

On-Demand Movies

How often do you head to the movies and pay $12 per head to get in? On-demand streaming services that are provided by your cable provider are slowly doing away with such prices. You can skip the lines at the theater and watch your favorite movies at home for less than half the price.

Sports On Demand

Americans hate when they miss their favorite sporting events. With on-demand sports recording, you can record any game that you want to see and play it back at a later time. Most cable providers will automatically do this for you.

5 Surprisingly Effective Ways To get high speed internet

5 Surprisingly Effective Ways To get high-speed internet
When you want to get high speed Internet in the house, you need to make sure that you are using these five tips below. Each one is going to bring the Internet to you, but these tips are not going to give you the traditional Internet that most people use. You will have a more functional and flexible Internet signal in the house.

Wireless Router

you can plug in your traditional connection to a wireless router that will broadcast in the Internet into the house. You will be able to connect many devices to this signal, and you will notice that you can get much more done because you do not need to use cables at any point in the house. This saves time and room in your home.

Your Phone

You can use your phone to broadcast its own signal if you are planning correctly. You will be able to use an app on your phone to broadcast the signal, or you can connect to the phone with a USB cable. This is going to give you the best signal, and it is portable for you at all times.

Your Computer

Your computer can take a wireless access card, and it will get the signal directly without any other work. You do not need to do anything extra to get the wireless access card to work, and it can be carried in your pocket while you are traveling. These cards make life so much simpler for people on the move.

The Phone

You can use a dual phone to use the phone signal to connect your phone to the Internet. These phones have special cables that connect to your computer, and you will be abl to plug in at the phone to get your Internet connected.

The TV

There are some TVs that allow you to connect to the Internet through their digital signal. You will get instant access, and you will be able to do anything on the TV that you would normally do online.